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Friday The 13th

Passport Offices. When taking your passport photo, you will not be allowed to wear eye glasses.

If information above is incorrect, click here to update the office information. Passport Office Hours The passport hours for this location could not be found. Lassen St. If you do not see the information you are looking for on this page, we suggest you call this California passport location.

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If you call, please verify what information you will need to bring with you to the office, this could include proper ID, birth certificate, social security card etc. You can also contact them to find out what other services they offer, such as updating information on an existing passport, purchasing additional pages or report your passport lost or stolen. This location does offer passport photo services on site.

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Below are the addresses, contact information, and fingerprinting days. Call ahead to make an appointment. Submit a request for incident report by visiting or calling the Records Unit.

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Vital Records

Its address and phone number are:. It is available to the public from Monday to Friday between a.

Order a report for an accident that occurred after November 1, from CrashDocs. For reports of accidents that occurred before this date, visit the Records Unit at the address above or call The various police departments of the cities and towns of the county also provide incident and accident reports.

Placer County, CA Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

The California Department of Justice maintains a database of all registered sex offenders living in the state. To find registered sex offenders residing in Placer County, search the California Sex Offender Registry by name, street address, and zip code.

How to apostille a Los Angeles California Birth Certificate signed by Jonathan E. Fielding

Select Placer from the county drop-down list to restrict your search to this county. There are two detention facilities in Placer County. Here are their addresses and phone numbers:. Make sure to make it payable to the inmate by providing their jail ID number.

Keepsake Birth Certificate

Howard G. Gibson Courthouse located at:. Records are also available for viewing at the Hon.