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Resolve uncontested and simple divorce with a Saint Petersburg divorce Attorney

As the Administrator of her firm, I was extensively involved in managing Ms. I also assisted Ms. Real in preparing discovery requests and financial affidavits for clients.

St Petersburg Divorce Attorneys, Simple Divorce in St Pete, FL

In my first life, so to speak, I spent over 20 years in the mortgage banking and finance industries and I also obtained my Masters in Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology. My extensive experience in marital and family law and in personal and business finance provides me with an advanced understanding of the nature of assets and liabilities, business evaluations, complex financial holdings and with the other the financial issues that frequently arise in divorce cases.

Stetson is consistently ranked as the number 1 law school in the country in the area of advocacy and I attribute my obtaining the designation of a Board Certified Advocate to the training I got at Stetson. Petersburg, where I also graduated with Honors. I have been blessed with an excellent education and that education has given me the ability to acquire significant memberships.

Additionally, I am a member of the International Collaborative Professionals Association, which has awarded me the designation of Collaborate Divorce Attorney.

A divorce may involve complex financial questions like business valuations or imputing income for a self-employed or unemployed spouse. Emotional conflict over parenting issues can also make the case exceedingly complex.

We help you define what it means to "win" your case and develop a strategy that meets your goals. What do we do with the children who live with you while you are on deployment? State courts with jurisdiction over dependent children or a state agency with the proper authority can order child support payments.

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Alimony payments can also be ordered by the court and satisfied through a garnishment order submitted to DFAS. The allotment will go into effect 30 days after the notice was sent to the military member by DFAS. You must obtain the garnishment order from a state court over the military member and provide it to DFAS. An overview of the garnishment process is available on the DFAS website.

Best Divorce Lawyer in St. Petersburg FL | Family Law Attorney

Child support can additionally be secured through what is known as a statutory allotment. Statutory allotments are initiated by a complainant parent, state agency, or private attorney, who can establish a support obligation greater or equal to two months. Williams, has learned how to deal with the various issues and complications that can arise in a divorce case involving a member of the United States military.

Our Clearwater Military Divorce lawyer is known for providing care for our clients. Give us a call right away. Sometimes couples make a mistake and need a Saint Petersburg divorce lawyer in St Petersburg to handle either a simple divorce or a contested divorce with child support, alimony or the separation of assets in Saint Petersburg.

Our divorce lawyers in Saint Petersburg Bay understand. We at Affordable Legal Fees know you want a fast, cheap, and experienced divorce lawyer in Hillsborough County to expedite the process.

Florida Divorce Service ℠

Even a St Petersburg simple divorce attorney knows paperwork for the average person can be difficult. You also want someone to help you fill out the paperwork correctly so that you can walk away from the marriage knowing you did the best you could and at the same time, your divorce was handled with precision and accuracy.

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When you are going through an emotional time, the last thing you need is paperwork filed incorrectly to slow up the process. Remember that Saint Petersburg family law attorneys handle the same type of work as a divorce attorney. A simple divorce in Saint Petersburg is similar to an uncontested divorce- meaning both of you agree to the terms and want nothing from one another.

Everything You Need to Know About Divorce in Florida

A simple divorce can be an affordable, quick and easy solution for an uncomplicated end to your marriage. For a simple divorce, you will also need:. If you sign all the documents and return them to our office we can have you divorced in approximately 30 days. There will be no hearings for either of you to attend. We will take care of any other details that may arise. A final judgment will be mailed to you in 30 days.