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It's giving women what they want. It's giving the government what it wants. It's giving lawyers and judges what they want. It's giving the feminist organisations what they want. There are many parties benefiting from this. The only way to beat this system is by men refusing to play the game.

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Refuse to settle down with women. Reject marriage and don't have children within the Western world. And thats what's already happening. Men do not fail to launch. They are refusing to launch. There's a difference. You can't blame it all on porn and video games. Stuff like Parental alienation, childsupport and alimony after divorce.

Are all legitimate reasons young men give for rejecting marriage and family. And many others have seen it happening around them. Can you really blame them for choosing video games and porn over marriage and family. Porn and video games are cheap, save, and always available. While marriage and family is expensive, not really rewarding anymore, has a high failure rate and the price of failure is often devastating. And the worst part is that they don't even have to do anything wrong.

This can all happen without any fault of his own. And yet he and his children will pay the price. But let's blame porn and video games Peter Pan syndrome for men who don't man up. I'm sure the devastation of mass divorce had nothing to do with it. It is quite logical and there is a lot of truth to what you say; however, I have to say giving up on the entire system is letting the bad guys win. I remarried and have wonderful relationships with my current wife and step-children. I believe the joy of healthy relationships far outweighs the risks.

The key is education. People who choose to learn about what it takes to make relationships successful and actually work toward that goal reap the benefits. Let's not let the jerks out there win. Giving up on the entire system is letting the bad guys win. I must disagree. Women are holding all the power when it comes to relationships. They overwhelmingly make the choice to divorce and break up the family.

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This can happen for any or no reason. The marriage contract is literally the worst contract a man can ever sign. It only benefits the woman and the state. It's like playing in a casino where you know the games are rigged.

How to Prove Nonphysical Abuse in Court

The house always wins. But only as long new players keep coming in.

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You're saying that refusing to play in a rigged game means letting the bad guys win? Sorry but i don't see the logic in that. It means you can keep your money in your pocket. And the casino go's bankrupt.

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You believe the benefits of relationships far outweigh the risks. I and millions of other men disagree. And our numbers are growing rapidly. There are many other passions we can pursue while we let society crumble. We can't reform the system.

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But we can build a new one after the crash. There are many other alternatives available for Western men. Porn and video games are just two of them. Some men might want to downscale their workhours and spend more time on hobbies and other activities. They don't really need a high demanding career for that. Some might want to spend more time in the gym. Some might aim to retire early. Some turn to sexdolls. Some turn to prostitution. Every man must find his own way. There are many alternatives. The possibilities are endless. Western men dont have to keep doing their traditional role while Western women don't.

Feminism has broken the social contract.

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We don't owe Women nor the society that exploit us anything anymore. We don't have to take this bad deal. Refusing to take it doesn't make a man weak. It sets him free. Staying in this abusive relationship with Western women and society doesn't make sense to me. I refuse to be treated like a disposable utility. There it is.

Thats why any attempt of democratic reform will fail. The men's rights movements are trying to do something about parental alienation for a long time now. Every time they silence the discussion by screaming misogyny. Funny enough it's probably the only way to fix things for this very reason. Maybe we should put women in their place by slapping them around more.

Maybe we should ask the question. Has not hitting women ever achieved the desired result? Sadly it's mostly tradcons who jump in to defend these women. Feminist or tradcons, both are obsessed with giving women whatever they want. Thats how we got into this mess. It's because most men suffer from chronic BD. Chronic BD is no joke. It destroys everything.

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It destroys friendships, your health, your financial status and even our hole society. Eradicating chronic BD should be our first priority. BTW, everyone should be aware that the articles on PT are really advertising. The authors pay PT to get published. I don't understand how you can say PAS doesn't exist.

It is sad to know while doing any kind of research that Gardner who coined the term and was a regular expert in family law cases, was also a pedophile. I won't hesitate to call the man out on his disturbing context regarding sexually abused children and his statement of there being a little bit of pedophilia in us all. His reputation has smeared a legitimate condition and it has hurt people like me. I am now and adult but my alienation started in and went well into my 20s. It continued even after I had children of my own.

That is how strong PAS can be. I don't care if the parent committing alienation was abused either by the ex spouse or another person or not abuse themself. It does not give them a right to abuse anyone else, certainly not their child. PAS is abuse and naysayers need to stop normalizing what happened to me. I did not experience physical abuse or sexual abuse.