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A helpful hint: put your name in quotation marks. Goddess willing, you find only innocuous results. If you do not, I recommend looking at the steps outlined by Crash Override. Now the next step: set up a Google alert for your name and nicknames. And knowing is valuable. Ah, Reddit.

Arrest Records, Criminal Record Check: History dr martin luther king jr speech text have dream

This is just the low-hanging fruit. Remember, Crash Override has a guide not only for what to do after being doxxed, but what to do beforehand as well for prevention purposes. Now is the time!

Do the thing! You need to login in order to like this post: click here. Woahohohohoho wtfffff thank you for sharing this Ali!! Holy shit it had my addresses going back to my first college dorm room over 10 yrs ago. But for some reason not my current since last October address. Fortunately I got in there to opt out before it realized I moved in the last few months. I have one of the whitest names ever, so the Google search yielded a number of people who were not me yay? My favorite was a lady who owns a cannibis store. Oh my god, I had no idea such a thing existed, and my previous addresses thank goodness not current!

Thanks so much for the heads-up. I opted out using a disposable email address from Mailinator. Any tips for searching if we are one of hundreds with the same name? Like good key words to add that will narrow it down, e.

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Good lord, folks. Trans people remember to check your deadnames too. I thought it was very creepy but my parents were unconcerned. I am disappointed, however, that a lot of websites like reverse phone number lookup require an account to use them. That used to be really useful for identifying spam calls. The kind where they hand out the info to everyone in your town. Are you always that private about your information or are you drawing the line with your information being accessible online for everyone in the world to see?

Kingman arizona public records

Would the people on this thread eager to scrub their address from the internet also have requested to be unlisted in a hard copy phone book or is this different because of the nature of the internet? The difference, I think, is that phonebooks are more local in reach and also predate Twitter death threats. Past addresses and names of family members are common pieces of information used to verify identity for things like opening new credit cards or retrieving lost passwords online, basically making this site a one-stop-shop for identity theft.

That aside, I think some people are predisposed to be more freaked out by this because we have unique names. But the fact that we have a really common last name and someone would have to know what they were looking for to find us in a phonebook makes it seem less creepy…this was way too easy. Went through and also informed my family and some friends, thank you! Spokeo also had quite a bit of aggregated date from me as well.

But, no harm in making it a bit more difficult for the stalkers. I work with people convicted of crimes — not saying all such people are inherently dangerous, etc, but there are people who have my name that I absolutely do not want having my parents address. Thanks for this heads up! This is truely scary! A lot of the information listed on me was accurate and I want it taken down. This site is as low and shady as they come. Only one listing for me and my sister, but my mother hand 4 including her maiden name, and a misspelling of her name , and my father had two first name and English name.

Also creepy was it had relative on there who lives out of the country.

Wikipedia:Unusual articles

Thank you for this post, it was intersting and scary. Few things make me irate or few things I apparently allow to make me feel irate but whatever-this kind of practice is one of them. I had a stalker years back. Like she dug through the trashcans of my sublessee to find where I moved kinda stalker. In early November I removed a ton of info and address from another state site that displayed who I voted for in the election. This is okay?? European, Canadian folks, etc. Aw thanks. I work with voter data and there is some truly scary stuff out there, sorry.

Thanks for this, Ali. Spokeo had a fucking picture of my parents house. Thank you for posting this guide, though. Stalking and online harassment turned personal are things I have experienced and have a lot of lingering anxiety about. A disclaimer that Family Tree Now is at present limited to the US would have saved me some of the unnecessary anxiety I experienced this morning. If you are ever on there get your accounts on lockdown pronto! Leaving the country where I was born might have helped, too. I hope people will still pop by to read this.

Another website to check is Intelius. I found my name, address, the college I got my degree from, the names of all four of my parents, and a bunch of other stuff.

and Cell Phone Search

The site also would provide background check stuff. Thanks Ali for bringing this up, and also bless your cotton socks for using the word poppycock. Along with fiddlesticks it is one of my favourite exclamations and it made my heart sing to see it used publicly. This is one of the reasons why I try to remain unimportant and unremarkable enough for anyone to even bother. Currently my LinkedIn page, which has all of my recent work history, pops up if you google my name. Having that information public on LinkedIn always made me uncomfortable, but it seemed necessary to getting a job….

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After a while Google knows how you search and can target certain results toward you. When I had a former roommate search, she found other sites and other info. Be safe out there, people! Another website to check is keywiki. I have no idea how to opt out, but many leftist activists are listed on it. Is this something you need to do monthly? This also happens through several other websites, especially if you are registered to vote in the United States voterrecords.

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The warnings of Noam Chomsky on surveillance, internet privacy, and recusing yourself from an internet presence seem more potent in these times. I never doubted that As a young person who wishes to become more active and politically involved, I not so much fear for myself, but my family. I think it is also hard to resolve to swear off of an internet presence for so many of us, because we find such a strong community that could not other wise be found e.