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It should be fairly easy to discern the oil level by looking at the dipstick.

How to Check Oil Level - Auto Talk

The low level of oil, as in the picture, will lead to serious engine damage Normal Oil Level If the dipstick indicates that the oil level is normal, reinsert it. If the dipstick indicates that the oil level is low, touch the end of the dipstick with two fingers and feel of the texture of the oil.

If the oil is clean, you can add new oil using a funnel. If the oil is gritty, it is necessary to have your oil changed as soon as possible. Knowing how to check your oil will enable you to ensure that your engine is being properly lubricated. Updated May 25, Up next. Oil lubricates your engine and helps to prevent corrosion. In addition, when the oil level drops down, engine parts are more likely to be damaged. All you need to figure out is the best time to check oil level. The numerous aspects are there that must be considered before finding the best time to check the oil in a car.

Depending on the temperature of the engine, the right to check the oil is defined.

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The too much hotter engine can be the reason for lower oil level. The cold engine is considered to be not a matter of concern. If the oil is lower, your vehicle will, as a result, wear out. In order to get the exact estimation of oil in the tank, look at the engine reading. The number of distance your car has traveled is directly proportional to filter draining in the sump. The other way to do it is to use the manual.

Here it has been given clearly that when and how should you check the oil level. Moreover, you can find in the manual that when a hot engine is shut off, after fifteen minutes you can check the oil. Besides, when your car is ground, checking out at that moment improve the entire accurateness of the car. You can keep your vehicle safe by maintaining the level at dipstick at the safe zone. So, varying from vehicle to vehicle, you can definitely check the oil at the right time.

You can use various techniques to test the oil level. The basic method for doing this is by using a dipstick as mentioned earlier. Are you confused to check the oil with a car on or off? If you still have doubt, you can repeat the procedure all over again but this time clean the dipstick first. Testing oil level is vital but the real question here is- when to check the oil?

Should you check the Engine oil Hot or Cold?

Many people test the oil level after two or three days, but actually, you can extend the interval. Checking it once in a month is sufficient. Moreover, one should take care of the dirty oil in the tank as it can affect other parts of the car. It takes only a few minutes to check the oil level. For information on deleting the cookies, please see the help function in your browser. You can find out more in the data protection declaration. Cookies essential for the system ensure that the website works correctly.

How to Check Oil Level in a Car

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go here Choose language:. Go to company website. Back to search. Information on use. Checking the oil level Mistakes are often made when reading the oil level, with the result that actual oil consumption is wrongly interpreted. To read the oil level correctly, the vehicle must be on a level surface.

Wait five minutes after switching off a warm engine to give the engine oil time to drain back into the oil pan.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

After withdrawing the dipstick, hold it vertical with the end pointing downwards so that the engine oil does not track back up the dipstick resulting in an incorrect reading. Measuring vehicle oil consumption Check the oil level using the proper method and top up to the maximum mark.

Drive the vehicle for km keeping a record of the fuel consumption. Check the oil level again after km and top up to the maximum mark. The quantity added will be the oil consumption at km.