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This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the idea rings true: used cars carry some risk.

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer (The Right Way)

Selling your used car can also be a hassle. It can be hard to find a buyer at a fair price and in a timely fashion. In the process, I found some websites that will help shoppers hone in on great deals for a used car, while also identifying which sites are winners when it comes to selling. NADA offers the ability to research new car prices and used car book values. My favorite part of the site was the four-car comparison tool. Now, most tools allow you to see a side-by-side breakdown of basics like price and MPG.

This tool, however, will also show you images of the interior and exterior of the car, as well as a five-year projection of costs. Kelley Blue Book has long been known and trusted for its used car valuations. Originally published in hard copy beginning in the s they are actually printing their last-ever books as we speak , the company has now turned to its website and mobile app to provide car guides, reviews, and valuations to consumers.

Sell my car - Fast online quote -

Now a subsidiary of AutoTrader, KBB provides a fair market range and fair market price for new and used automobiles and motorcycles. The principle behind this is to identify the new car you want, get the price promise coupon, and bring it with you to the car dealership.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to buying and selling used cars. They will have little to no private party sellers available in your local area. If they do, they will be lower on the search engine rankings within that website. Filter your results based on standard criteria to include title status clean, salvage, rebuilt, parts only, lien, or missing.

You can contact the seller directly through the Craigslist website and when you do, be sure to review their guide to avoiding scams. Dealers usually offer several thousands less for your trade-in or outright purchase over what your neighbor would pay. There are plenty of resources that offer keys to seller success, like this article on Forbes. Overall, Craigslist is the best local selling website for your vehicle.

What We Offer

Buying: For access to private party seller vehicles nationwide, check out the used car section on Ebay. You can also search for parts and accessories. Ebay offers very fine tuned search criteria: mileage from less than 1, to , , who is selling dealer or private , disability equipment, and vehicle title clear, rebuilt, salvage , to name a few. This is where the buyer pays outright for the item with no auctioning required. The world-famous Ebay auction process is your other option.

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This is a great website for sellers of unique and hard-to-find cars. Buying: If you remember the old days of the Autotrader magazine before the internet , you know that Autotrader AT was designed to eliminate the hassle of finding and buying a used car. Well, the AT website has taken all of the best features of their original magazine, and expanded even further.

This one is mostly professional car dealers offering their wares. You can also determine monthly payments based on a set price and loan interest rate, and compare certified pre-owned programs. This website is a great resource for finding the perfect used car.

Check out their used car buying guide here. Autotrader also has an app available for iOS and Android. Selling: Autotrader offers you the chance to sell your own car for the cost of advertisement fees. They also offer expert help: the VIP Service will sell your car for you by doing all the work and even offering a privacy shield that screens phone calls from solicitors by providing you an anonymous phone number.


Choose your car outright or browse the columns of recent test drive reviews and previews for yet-to-be released cars. Diving into a specific make and model will get you a detailed review complete with CarGuru insights. A search for any make and model will produce numerous results. Each one labeled with Deal Ratings ranging from Great to Bad. This allows users to quickly compare the market prices of any car with similar listings. It also produces a chart you can use to compare national and local listings.

The graph shows the fair price projection based on price versus mileage the year remains constant , then plots your selected listing with the other search results. If you expand your mileage search to nationwide as opposed to, say, miles from your zip code, you may find a deal that would be worth traveling for. Based on the description you provide mileage, options, etc.

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Selling a car just got easier.

These parts are heavy and can be sold to a recycler for a decent amount of company. Many of the parts are then melted down and turned into recycled metal products, giving them new life. If you have a junk car that you are looking to sell in St. Paul, MN. We buy junkers and would love to take yours off of your hands, while giving you some money in your pocket. Give us a call today to get the process started.

Rebuild the Junk Car Some companies buy old junk cars simply to rebuild the car. Use or Sell the Parts From a Junk Car When companies buy junk cars, the most common thing that they do with them is use or sell the usable parts from the junk cars. Recycle the Leftover Parts of a Junk Car The last thing that can be done with old junk cars is to recycle unusable parts of a junk car, or to recycle junk cars that are completely rusted. TAGS: used parts , junk cars , auto parts.